Skin Care & Make-up

Opal Day Spa brings a new approach to skincare, which takes guesswork away. In every facial we combine France Laure Skin Care with professionally trained staff to give you a tailored skin repair. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are our make-up minerals of choice. They use natural pigment, versus petroleum dyes. The water resistant, non-comedogenic shades provide sun-protective properties with less shimmer. Get a healthy and flawless finish that shows the Natural, Radiant…You!


Skin Care

Japanese Facial Massage: Increase tone and firmness with a relaxing massage. $54

Microdermabrasion Services: Our certified staff use the best equipment available. By gently polishing the skin, the DERMAGLOW II procedure has been shown to be safe & effective for the cosmetic reduction of: fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, acne/acne scars, excess oils, blackheads & whiteheads, pore size, and superficial age spots. Pricing starts at: $126 Special $99

Opal Day Spa Signature Facial: Opal Day Spa’s premier skin repair, guaranteed to pamper your mind, body, and soul. A customized facial for your skins needs, performed with an eye and face mask, a massage of the neck, shoulders, hands and feet! Pricing starts at: $93

Refresher Facial: Refreshing and Rejuvenating! A relaxing skin repair customized to your need. Includes a custom mask and a massage of the neck and shoulders. Pricing starts at: $71

Express Facial: A simple skin repair for your basic needs. Maintains the balance in the skin and takes care of every day needs. Great for people on the go! Pricing starts at: $49

Firming Eye Treatment: Customized eye treatment to brighten, firm, moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using ProtoCell or collagen. Includes cleansing of the eye area. Treatment by itself or add to any facial. $51

ProtoCell: Long-lasting hydration that leaves the skin silky and soft to the touch, smoothes & firms the skin by increasing its density, its shape, its structure and elasticity. Helps skin attract and retain humidity levels to leave it softer; includes moisturizer and skin softener. $45

Mask Matricol: This 98% native collagen mask softens the appearance of wrinkles and strengthens the epidermis. It optimizes skin hydration and infuses the skin tissue with oxygen resulting in reduced skin roughness. Contains no preservatives or perfumes. $53

Mask Voile Lifting: Diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles and slows the appearance of new wrinkles formation, smooths expression lines without invasive procedures like Botox. It’s a “sheet mask.” $53

Mask Thermessence: These peel-off masks are specially formulated to address specific skin needs–firming, toning, and brightening. Utilizes France Laure’s concentrated botanical actives massaged into skin for deeper penetration and sealed with advanced thermal action. $53

Bio-Laure: The lack of minerals and vitamins produce cellular deficiency causing premature aging, lack of oxygen, and unbalanced skin tones. Bio-Laure combines the technology of lyophilized powders (wheat germ & yeast) and specialized minerals, according to skin type, working in synergy to rebalance metabolism and function. Benefits to the skin include softening, hydration, nourishment, brightening, smoothing, and oxygenating. $53

Aromatherapy: Customized to meet your needs using any of our essential oils to enhance the massage of your choice. $17

Dermolyse Peeling: Offers remarkable improvement to any skin without irritation. Flaking, devitalized, comedonal, and uneven skin with dilated pores respond to this deep, biological method of cellular exfoliation and renewal. $33

Propeel: A Fruit Acid applied to dislodge and remove karatinized cells, refine, soften, and regenerate skin cells. Ideal for scarring or hyper-pigmentation. This treatment is a non-aggressive exfoliation working in synergy with glycolic acid. $23

Fruit Peeling: A combination of pineapple and papaya extracts with malic acid liquid (derived from apples) will lighten the skin’s tone and prepare it for the proper deep cleansing resulting in ultra-soft skin texture. $23

Paraffin: A luxurious dip for your hands or feet! A moisturizing and oil rich wax that locks in moisture. Great add on to any pedicure. $16



Wedding Make-up: Our professionally trained make-up artists work to create a lasting, perfect look for you on your special day. We take care of everything you should need, hoping you will leave all your worries behind and giving you the ultimate in a true pamper session. Pricing starts at: $63

Glamour Make-up: A camera ready finish, designed for any special occasion. We do all the work so you can relax and enjoy your event. Pricing starts at: $63

Make-up Lesson: A one-on-one lesson to help guide you in the correct way to apply make-up whether it is for a day or evening look. We base every lesson on the shape of your face and the texture and needs of your skin. Pricing starts at: $58

Complimentary Consultation: Targeting your exact needs and answering any questions you may have.

Life-Style Make-up: After A customized make-up application designed specifically to match your life-style.
you have a service it’s always nice to look great when you leave. Pricing starts at: $38

Eye Perfect Application: Let us show you how to compliment your best feature your eyes! Soft subtle bendable colors or bold radiant color just perfect for your eyes. Pricing starts at: $26

After Service Make Up: After you have a service it’s always nice to look great when you leave. Pricing starts at: $23

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